Amine – Caroline


Amine – Caroline

Portland has blessed us a new hip hop song “Aminé Caroline” in this June. We didn’t talk about this masterpiece before, we’re sorry for that but it still creates a real feeling of summer around you. Adam Daniel, the artist, and singer of this song, belongs to Portland and have made only two mixtapes in his entire career.

Usually, we start our song reviews by discussing the video. Well, up till now, the official video of Caroline song has got over 19 million views and over 3 lac likes. The comment section of the official video is fully loaded with the REAL CRAZE because everyone who first listen to this song unintentionally starts to move his body like a spring – same was the case with me too. Honestly, when I first listened to it, I was acting like a flying bird, I had no controls over my body. The first shock that your body gets while listening to the Caroline song is after the first 15 seconds of the video because rapping and the music both start at that time. That the point where the real magic starts. Well, let’s just talk about the ending of the video. It really sounded a natural ending to me because there was only their chit chat and short clips of “Behind The Scenes”.

Now, let’s just shift our focus towards the lyrics of this song. It seems a kind of vulgar to me at some points but the overall meaning keeps the song normal. The sudden start of music plus rapping, in the beginning, gives a small shudder that sounds good. The ups and down in the melody literally made this song a masterpiece but how can we forget that ‘stop’ in the middle? “What are these bananas for?” asked, “Decoration!” replied. I mean, that was a good, really good joke. I have seen many “First Reaction Videos” to this song, everyone loved this song and laughed at that joke too!

At the end, I will share my opinion that I literally liked the entire song and one more thing that this song is also listed in the top 10 rap songs of the 2016 summer.

DOWNLOAD MP3:Aminé – Caroline

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